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by RoentgenDevice
30 Jun 2019 20:59
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by RoentgenDevice
24 Jun 2018 11:41
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Re: Video Games

Random vidya meditations I felt like sharing here. Throughout the last years, I noticed two things: 1. First Person Perspective is super important to me. When I first played non-FP games, I had a constant feeling of them being not "real" enough. I eventually learned that the english language got a k...
by RoentgenDevice
10 Jan 2018 17:41
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Re: off topic

Is "Revolutions 11: Apocrypha" named after Jatsko-Apocrypha? Or is that just a coincidence or even the other way around? I haven't been following that much and was surprised to see this
by RoentgenDevice
01 Jan 2018 16:42
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Happy new year :)
by RoentgenDevice
30 Dec 2017 21:58
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Re: Project Submod

I'm seeing this for the first time now and think it's wonderful! The ambients are also cool. Are you the same person as Spygas?
by RoentgenDevice
18 Dec 2017 19:54
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Pretty sure those blocks are by Ulrich Rückriem?
by RoentgenDevice
17 Dec 2017 21:52
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Re: anime

For the first time ever in my life, I actually watched an anime series (all the way through)!! It was "Serial Experiments Lain" and really something - told in a seemingly impenetrable, lynchian way. It's basically about a girl exploring a virtual construct that resembles the internet, but is FAR mor...
by RoentgenDevice
17 Dec 2017 21:27
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Re: PF memes

Ko9 wrote:Me when I get my drivers licence.
:lol: :lol: Not sure if he'd appreciate that!
by RoentgenDevice
17 Dec 2017 18:06
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Re: Drawings

This is something I did while listening to the Staff Meeting I was attending at library. Cool, looks like a maze that doesn't have the purpose of finding the center or an exit. Just getting lost. Do they say something when you draw that much during meetings? Also, I really like Mrs. Todd's shortcut.