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by Cone
05 Dec 2012 21:35
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Topic: Music Thread
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Re: Music Thread

I found a new band. I mean, the band itself isn't new, but I just found it. Here.
by Cone
05 Dec 2012 20:51
Forum: general discussion
Topic: Languages
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Re: Languages

Witam uniżenie jaśnie wielmożnego pana, zacznijmy zatem.
by Cone
05 Dec 2012 20:45
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I wanna squeeze milk out of your chest.
by Cone
05 Dec 2012 20:10
Forum: projects
Topic: Pastel Forum Pixel Picture Project
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Pastel Forum Pixel Picture Project

Let's continue, here are the rules: The premise of the game is simple. Each member draws a part of the image and eventually we will have a large picture. The rules are as follows: Each square is 50x50 pixels You may draw multiple squares One person may NOT draw two adjacent squares (vertically, hori...
by Cone
05 Dec 2012 20:05
Forum: general discussion
Topic: are you still you?
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Re: are you still you?