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Re: Wisdom Energy Powers the Navigator + SubNet as Lesson Th

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Well, that looks a little far-fetched, luckily we don't have karma portals destroying our reality. But Mateusz would become famous if he showed in a game a thing that we were to discover later :P
Chuckle chuckle Vortex. You know I meant our world in the game, right?
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Re: Wisdom Energy Powers the Navigator + SubNet as Lesson Th

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Oooh, sorry :oops:
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Re: Wisdom Energy Powers the Navigator + SubNet as Lesson Th

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Re: Wisdom Energy Powers the Navigator + SubNet as Lesson Th

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The first sentence had me thinking that Wisdom and/or Karma could create awareness (being from that idea that "matter is aware of itself"), so then about the Computer: Are you saying that Wisdom Energy, in this context, has an advantage over the AI? Or I'm completely confused...
I wasn't referring to the computer from the series, but just computers in general. Perhaps the AI computer uses wisdom energy?
Being I'm a little more awake than when I wrote that, I think I understand now. From you saying the following:
An awareness has an advantage over any computer we have thus far made in that it is not simply processing through a database, but rather we are aware of the process of thinking and can make intuitive and creative leaps.
In sum, you're saying because our brains work differently than computers ("processing through a database"), we can make room for innovation whereas computers cannot because computers follow a checklist whereas we can make changes anytime we wish. Correct?

That being said, where does that fit in Submachine? Unless the point you just made is the point you were trying to make: Perhaps the AI uses Wisdom Energy (if such a thing exists.)
OH WAIT! "intuitive and creative leaps" - The Wisdom Energy's presence is why we can solve elaborate puzzles! Right? Being we may be so exposed to this Energy, thus the benefit of coming out the SubNet.
Understand, if wisdom energy does have something to do with human awareness, then it is not just a property within the subnet, but rather one that perhaps has MORE properties in the subnet, as ancient crystal was saying. Perhaps, however, there is a relationship between the puzzles and the submachines wishing to harvest wisdom energy from humans. I don't know if I buy that as plausible though, just possible.
I'm not so sure of that suggestion either, but I'd like you expand on the "more properties in the SubNet" part. On another subject, when you say "not just a property within the SubNet," you're referring to humans have awareness regardless of surroundings, right?

I just had the thought that perhaps the Subbots were created to give the SubNet awareness...through an evolutionary process, the Subbots were created with that intention.
I never saw it as a VR type of thing, but just figured that was how the thing insured that we shifted layers. But I do like the idea that it is somehow drawing on an energy source within us.
I guess -ak-'s Absorption Theory has another addition to it then:
I think when person died, their body is absorbed into Submachine and become certain type of machine to intergrate their functions to become the whole among other machines in Submachine Net.
Seems all these Theories always go back to the suggestion that the SubNet is taking energy from humans :P
I kinda tend to think whatever kind of portal energy karma is, it is either incompatible with the subnet environment, or else, as perhaps ancient crystal is suggesting (if I understand him right) Mur is just not using karma in a way that is compatible with the subnet. As for the notes, I'm just not ready to start tossing notes out as blatant deceptions. I wouldn't know when to stop doing that and I don't think there is any precedents for it.
I agree with your first suggestion, although it's a rebuttal to my Theory: Karma may be incompatible with the SubNet.
The laws over karma/wisdom may exist in our world, just have greater effect in the subnet.
Exactly, like how in Thor -
Your ancestors called it magic...but you call it science. I come from a land where they are one and the same.

On Earth, we regard Karma and Wisdom as non-physical, but, perhaps, in the SubNet, they're real.
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Re: Wisdom Energy Powers the Navigator + SubNet as Lesson Th

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Copied from Submachine Wiki

Core Stores the Corpses Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2010-11-07, Still alive 2011-01-01, Doubtful 2011-03-12, Debunked 2013-01-27
The reason you don't see any signs of human presence is because the Submachine absorbed their dead bodies. All of teams are dead because they either got lost or got trapped inside the submachines with no way out and no helps from Mur...

— Soullock's Absorption Theory
I want everybody to know the theory I have delves somewhat into what Soullock says, but I'm taking it one step further.

We have their Notes. We have their items. We have knowledge they explored the SubNet. But where are they?

The Theory I'm proposing is: When any living organism dies within the Subnet, their body is taken, teleported, or otherwise (we'll say "absorbed" for the sake of borrowing from -AK-'s Theory), to the Core. From there, the bodies are left to rot, or examined by the Sub-bots (hopefully not). This would explain why we see no biological remains of a once-living being existing in the Subnet.
That the explorers are taken to the core, their memories, dreams etc are the basic source of energy for Submachine to create its structures, sub-bots etc. To maintain itself.

— Gemini
This idea states that the Explorers fuel the Submachine with their minds when taken to the Core.
Corpses-Portal Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2010-11-07, Doubtful 2011-01-01, Likely 2011-03-12, Still alive 2013-01-27, Likely 2014-11-05
Flash location: FSR
Most, if not all of us, know that being exposed to Gamma-Wave Radiation, Microwaves, etc., leads to a Mutation in our body - Cancer.

With that in mind, take it to the level of the Submachine - What machine are we constantly using, that might have a dangerous, and potentially deadly, side-effect to using it? The Portal.

We've never seen any note describing the harm of using the Portal, or the technology put into using the Portal, and this is 1904, when none of what I mentioned was even thought of, but Mur's never told us about any side-effects to using the Portal (and why would he if he was just using us?), and the Scientists are certainly ahead of their time for building the Portal, so they may not have known this technology is deadly and that the Explorers should be wearing Radiation Suits.

(I hope I have answered any Questions you might have thought to ask)

I can't say I know the exact Mutation the Portal has caused, but there's always a possibility it speeds up their deaths and whatnot.

Debate away.
His Karma arm could BE a mutation. Maybe the Kent waterfall was flooded with portal radiation...for some reason...and Mur's arm was exposed to it and withered away (or needed to be amputated due to gangrene or something) to be replaced with the Karma arm?

— Sub Program - 32
From Sub-Program 32, this part explains, as he also mentioned, why Mur would be able to open Portals with his Karma Arm - They're made of the same "technology" (for lack of a better word).
The Player is Henry O'Toole Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2011-03-04, Still alive 2011-03-12, Debunked 2016-01-15
The reason Henry O'Toole may be "The Player": Mur has only talked to us over the Computer in Sub4 and through the messages in Sub6, none other. Liz has only wrote notes to us, which we didn't even answer, in Sub7. Thus it's safe to say there has been no face-to-face communication. What if we're Henry O'Toole with amnesia? We might be saying to ourselves "That Henry O'Toole's a pretty cool guy," but we are Henry O'Toole. Overly cliche, I know, but it's a possiblity.

Now you may be saying "How is it even possible Henry O'Toole has lived this long?"

Well, Gemini has thought of this possibility:

Or perhaps. Somewhere along the way. He was able to open a portal, that allowed him to leap time. After finishing the Lighthouse he leapt through time

But I have a very off-the-wall explanation: Reincarnation.

The theme of Reincarnation isn't too far off from the Submachine Series - Buddhism and Hinduism are present within the Series. That's why it could be possible.

Further analysis would have me bring up this Note:

I was sent here by Murtaugh. Of course, who else.

My objective was to disable the defense systems, so the invasion could reach the core of the subnet.

I know that I wasn't the first one sent out here. I know there were at least 5 people before me.

And as hard as it might be to hear, you have to hear this:

Just as I wasn't the first here, you probably won't be the last.

The Note from Sub6.

Now I may be looking too much into it, but isn't it possible the "mystery" behind the Note-Writer telling us that is that "just as there were people before you, there will be people after you because, when the Player dies, they are reincarnated?"

I may be taking "Reincarnation" too far because a new "The Player" would have to be found immediately after the previous one dies, but possibly the soul of the previous "The Player" chooses a new Host - Possibly like the Green Lantern (Hal was given the Ring because it "chose" him).

(Added 3/6/11) Edit: And yes, all "The Players" are reincarnated from Henry O'Toole, possibly, considering he, other than Mur, may be the only other person to know the Submachines inside and out, considering he built the Lighthouse and the Winter Palace. For all we know, his spirit may be bound to the Submachines and he relives reincarnation again and again.777
Liz is Mur Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2011-10-09, Debunked 2014-08-14
Why does this sociopath only talk to Elizabeth?

— Note from Submachine 7
A very good question indeed.

What if (and this is my own assumption) none of the Explorers have met Mur? What if no one but Liz has even met Mur?

My explanation is this: Going along the same story as "The Old Man in the Cave," a Twilight Zone episode, what if Liz was the only one to meet this "old man in the cave" (Mur)?

To make it even more convincing, she wrote Notes to "Mur" to lead anyone on that had doubts Mur even existed. She even showed us his "Baby steps" to earn our trust.

While we're on the subject of Mur's "baby steps" - If I'm assuming that Liz is Mur, then wouldn't that lead me to say...? Yes, yes it would - Liz is the one with the Karma Arm.

I don't know how she got it, but the whole "Mur got it at Kent Falls" Letter might have been fictionalized by Liz, from off the top of her head. Kent Falls might have signifigance, but who even knows if "Mur" went there and discovered his Karma Arm?

Besides the "Sociopath Note," the other reason that's convinced me Liz might be working with Mur is her leaving us to follow Mur in the end of Sub7! "Oh, I'm sorry, I took the last escape pod" - Who's to even say there was an Escape Pod? She could've made the Portal, posing as "Mur," and made us follow her/"Mur."

This leaves two questions:

1) What's her motive to posing as "Mur?" 2) Why is she trying to destroy the Core and pinning it on "Mur?"

Well, I would think the two questions are interconnected - She might want to destroy the Core and rip the fabric of the SubNet so that only she discovers the SubNet, and no one else can follow her if the Core is destroyed. The Explorers are dispensable - As we thought Mur was the sociopath who led Explorers to their own demise, that was all Liz's doing.

So Liz thought, by posing as "Mur," she might gain the Explorer's trust, feed her ideas by whatever "Mur" says to do, and the Explorers go out and do as they're told.

Mur came back to the Core, even though Liz thought he wouldn't be able to. What if Mur never explored for 32 years? That was just the excuse Liz used while she built her "Empire" inside the Palace.

The Infestation Map? A group of Explorers who wanted to follow "Mur," led by Liz.

That's how we were able to talk to "Mur" - Through the Computer in Liz's Lab in the Palace. She led us to The Edge to disable the DefSys so her Explorers can go through the Edge easily.
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