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Chaos's theories

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Amnesia Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-09-19, Still alive 2009-09-25, Likely 2011-03-25
What if, the SMs have some kind of ambient forgetfullness aura, which makes people inside the net forget, (this theory, has nothing to do with possible malfunctions through the SMs, nor, anything to do with "ROOT") while there is no proof to support the cause, there is quite abit to support the effect:

1. Mur says for every one to write notes for people who "got lost"(our mission has just started note),

2. "no clues" and "our coil is broken" notes

3. the fact that nobody can seem to remember a 3 digit code that they must use at least twice daily Rolling Eyes
and finnaly, a bit of wild speculation, maybe the "tests"were simply to see if you could succesfully navigate the network, even if you do forget the codes and everything...

While nothing is substancial, there is quite a lot more evidence, at least, to the effects if not the cause, than some other theories I've read...

Side note: Another theory I thought up 3 seconds ago, is that hundreds of years have past, and the reason everybody has forgotten is because everything stopped happening years ago (mur gets around this through his arm powers).
Report #173
Theory history: Submitted 2015-05-17, Still alive 2016-01-15
Flash location: 399
throughout the submachines, a theme prevails

memory loss- amnesia call it what you will

amnesia noun, pathol the loss or impairment of memory, caused by physical injury,

disease, drugs or emotional trauma.

there have been several cases of people exploring the submachines losing their memory, and subsequently leaving notes about it, possibly due to a habit they picked up from codename 'Mur'

sunshine bunnygirl

the thirst

looping section

tomb trapped

and the ship team captain

the coil breaker

the empty coiler

all seem to have lost at least some of their memory

and, of course, the Subject.

Of all the amnesiacs in the subnet, the Subject is the only one whom we know of making any form of progress post-amnesia. could this be because he is the Subject of the Test, or possibly just the luck of being in the right place, upon losing his memories. Further study is required in this area.

The stimulus that causes the amnesia is also unknown. It could be a chemical filtred into the air by the submachine itself, or there could a person or persons unkown with their own agenda.

in any case, the whereabouts/remains of these people have never been discovered, though the events at the tomb trap inner chamber hint at the possibility of the submachine harnessing their biomatter.[see ATCH#1]

The only other option could be that, if the whole area was created just for the Testing of the Subect, then all the people writing in the notes could be entirely fictional.

Seeing how there are no notes visible after passing the Test, this theory would appear to be valid. However, it should be noted that given that the root was inhabited in the Pre-rediscovery era, it is quite probable that annotating was not present. The final matter on the subject of the amnesia is that after completing the Test, the Subject seemed to have experienced a trigger causing him to regain memeories. Whether this is an isolated occurrence merits further research.

closing statement

In the end, Sirs, the fact of the matter is that we simply haven't been able to do as much research on these phenomenons as we would like, and i'm sure that the other divisions will be expressing similar statements.


Lead Researcher


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