Disco McDisco's theories

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Disco McDisco's theories

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Paired Gem Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-01-21, Still alive 2009-05-11, Doubtful 2011-02-19, Debunked 2012-11-18
Flash location: 185
The Paired Gem Theory was created when the use of the Wisdom Gems we found in the Lighthouse were brought into question.

Essentially it was proposed that the Wisdom Gem was defective, causing breakages or malfunctions in the SubNet, and that it's pair or counterpart (previously dubbed the Intellegence Gem) would restore a balance to the SubNet and these breakages etc would no longer occur.

The Paired Gem theory is the final extension of this, now that we know that multiple Wisdom Gem's exist, making each Wisdom Gem have a partner or Pair.

For those who want to look into this further the natural progression of this is Locked Paired Gems functioning very much like Encrypted Keys (Public and Private Keys match to denote valid users)
Schizo-Extension Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-08-08, Debunked 2009-09-12
Murtaugh is destroying the submachine as we go through it; we cannot go back to places we have seen before.
Mur is Dead Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-09-08, Doubtful 2009-09-12, Debunked 2009-12-06
Mur was once a scientist and subnet explorer who worked at the Lab, but he is no longer alive; he left notes and instructions around the submachine to aid any who would come after him, and it is these that we see. (This includes the computer at the lab.)
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