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Dr. NotSoNice's theories

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The Flaming Monkey Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-30, Debunked 2016-01-13
Flash location: 550
The Lighthouse was a part of (or just a building that just happened to been built upon...) an alien experiment facility called The Submachine. Where the aliens experimented with human subjects, by putting them in endless looping traps and extremely hard puzzles.

But as the lighthouse stood empty, a man named Murtaugh moved into the lighthouse and discovered the alien facility. but the aliens respected Murtaugh and his intelligence so they rewarded him with an karma arm and started to communicate with through a cat named Einstein.

But Murtaugh betrayed the aliens and gave the people working against the aliens information.

Because of that the aliens punished Murtaugh by locking him inside the lighthouse as it was being buried underground.

Murtaugh escaped. And again the Aliens punished him, but this time they locked him up in the Submachine itself.
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