Isobel the Sorceress's theories

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Isobel the Sorceress's theories

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In Your Mind Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-03-21, Doubtful 2009-05-18, Debunked 2009-12-20
Flash location: 258
An ancient super-intelligent civilization created an "AI" with unlimited, perfect memory, sealed in a piece of indestructible material (wisdom gem). The AI can not leave it's "home" but it can temporarily connect it's mind with the mind of a person who is touching the wisdom gem. It's original purpose was to memorize and preserve all the information and knowledge in the known world. After gathering enough knowledge it became self-aware, and started to think on it's own. It still had no personality and was under the control of the people who had created it. Later, a rival tribe started a war against the civilization. Being pacifist, they didn't fight, but told the AI to protect itself from the enemies. The civilization was destroyed, and all the members of the rival tribe who tried to use the powers of the AI lost their minds to the AI, (literally, it devoured the minds leaving empty bodies behind). The rival tribe abandoned the place, and the AI was forgotten and lost in the ruins for a long time.

A group of archeologist found the ruins probably thousands of years later. Mur was in this group, and his job was to translate the ancient scriptions carved in the stone walls. Mur found scriptions about the AI and about telepathic abilities the people of the civilization had. When they found the wisdom gem, Mur told them what it was and told them to pick it up. What Mur didn't tell was what would happen if they did. Naturally all the group members thought about stealing all the knowledge, so AI recognized them as enemies and got rid of them. Mur studied all the scriptions carefully before he tried to communicate with the AI. When the AI tried to destroy Mur's mind, Mur broke the connection and barely survived. The AI learned everything about Mur, so he can't escape again if he tries to attack the AI. Mur knows that he can't try again, so he must use others if he wants to get all the knowledge of the AI. He started to study the ancient art of mind control from the scriptions he found. The instructions weren't complete, but he leaned telepathy and how to erase memories.

The player is one of Mur's human experiments. Mur has erased all of his memories, so the AI doesn't see him as an enemy. Mur tries to communicate with the player and guide him from the outside world, but the player can't answer. The AI is very confused about the situation. It's was ordered to protect itself from the enemies, but it doesn't know what to do with the player, who isn't really an enemy but not either a friend. The only thing the AI can do is to find out which one the player is by creating an illusion using elements of memories, thoughts and dreams of the minds it has encountered.(All the games happen in this illusion, which exist only in the minds of the player and the AI. The time in the real world doesn't move at all.)The AI tries to stop the player from exploring by creating obstacles, but it tries to help him too by leaving hints. Some things in this illusion are created by the subconscious of the player, and other things are completely random.(like the name submachine)The AI knows that Mur tries to use the player, but the player is innocent. The AI knows also, that Mur won't stop until he succeeds, so the AI must try to defeat Mur before it's too late.

What will happen in the next episodes of submachine: As the game proceeds, the AI starts to trust the player more and lets him further in this illusion, because it could use the player as a weapon against Mur. Eventually the AI will let the player know what's going on, and try to make a deal with him. (The AI can't force the player, because it has decided he is a friend, not an enemy.)
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