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TDDP's theories

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The Meaning of the machine
Theory history: Submitted 2014-12-02, Still alive 2016-01-15
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In my opinion, there are many 'places'. Each 'place' can be reached by the machine, while the passing process between 'places' is timeless and spaceless- it's the machine itself.

Each 'place' is like a seperate world. It is disconnected from any other place, although there is a connection between some 'places' as we saw in sub4 - cordinates 5-5-1 and 4-6-2...

The machine is like a storm, picking you up from one 'place' and putting you in another.

The Meaning of the machine, is that you can travel between 'places', on your own way, without other people, without time running out from you, just you with yourself, to find your meaning - your destiny.

Some people will look for something particular. Others will try to understand the machine. And each one will look for something he thinks he need to find, But in each way, ever person who gets into this submachine world, will find the 'real-him', the path of his life to reach the unreachable- knowing your meaning.

As much complicated and fascinating the machine is, or how many mysterious places it can take you to, the important thing is what you are going to do about it.
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