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Posted: 05 Jan 2019 07:43
by Jatsko
A Further Exploration on Murtaugh, and Karma
Theory history: Submitted 2016-10-12, Reserved 2016-10-12, Resubmitted 2017-02-14
Let's take a look at some of the possible real world influences on Murtaugh, and how they may apply to the Submachine game series. First, we should take a look at the meaning of Murtaugh's name, and some other historical facts on Karma itself. Mur's name can be traced back to Ireland in the early 1000's. The root of his name is Muircheartach, which means "able navigator"[1]. Furthermore, when researching the meanings behind Karma itself, it can be seen that Karma in Jainism[2] may play a role in the Submachine series. In Jainism, Karma[3] is a basic principle within an overarching psycho-cosmology. It explains that the soul is constrained to a cycle of rebirth, trapped within the temporal (the linear progression of past, present, and future) world, until it finally achieves liberation. This could work with Murtaugh's abilities in the Submachine, because time is not linear there. From this, it could be concluded that Karma allows one to travel through time in a non linear manor, in Mur's case allowing him to travel freely in the Subnet, whereas normal humans who do not have karmic abilities have to use a navigator[4] device to take advantage of inter layer[5] travel. As to why Karmic Water[6] falls from the Kent[7] Waterfall, I cannot answer, but I hope that some of the points listed here can further expand our knowledge on Murtaugh, as well as Karma.

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