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XUmbrax's theories

Posted: 05 Jan 2019 08:11
by Jatsko
The Mur Machine Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-25, Debunked 2016-01-15
What Sub 8's machine truly is. Sub 9's plinths were exposition cannons extraordinaire, bringing more to mind than I though possible. There are eight layers, eight dimensions. While you only gain access to the eighth and final layer in sub 9, the machine in 8 gave you access to the other seven at your command. A secret Sub 9 plinth showed that at least part of Mur's consciousness lived on in the moment before his death somehow. Perhaps it implanted itself into this device to give it it's power? Or is there some other remnant of Mur's power inside it?
Defenses theory
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-25, Debunked 2016-01-15
Why the defenses are so remove. Secret plinths in Sub 9 were the second best thing to tell alls, here's another product of their wisdom. A conversation between two unknown people from an unknown time is inscribed on a plinth. Apparently, people have been removing the Submachine's defenses for a while because of an unknown cause. One thinks this cause is past, but people inhabiting an eighth sector are cause for the defense removal to commence again. Perhaps they sent you on this mission to disable the defenses, and you succeeded in Sub 6. Seven and on were you looking for a way out.
Lighthouse Diaries Deciphered Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-25, Debunked 2016-01-15
New info reveals the secrets of the Lighthouse notes. The cat, Einstein, is apparently some sort of representation of Mur's multidimensionality. It slips between the dimensions, which is apparently how it got into the Lighthouse. This implies that in other dimensional layers, there is a way in and out of the Lighthouse. Another entry, or perhaps the same one, mentions that Mur got his karma arm at the waterfall. After Sub 9's plinths did the talking, I'm convinced that this waterfall was made of Karmic Water, hence he got his abilities and multidimensionality. As a side note, the Karmic Fountain in 9 is what likely brought the player to the Temple, as the beacon rising from it bears a striking resemblance to the Karma portal beam in a previous game, sub 8 if I recall correctly. If this holds true, the player may have come in contact with the Karmic Water at some point.
Shiva Link Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-25, Confirmed 2016-01-155
Sub 9's ties to Shiva. Shiva has had way too many references in Sub 9 to ignore. The Hindu deity of destruction apparently possesses some type of light. This light brought Mur to the Lighthouse, and drove Liz away. A secret plinth also says that to escape the Submachine, the Player needs only to follow the light of Shiva. The combination of all this leads me to believe that this Shiva entity has some degree of control over the Submachine itself. While he is not likely to be its creator, it is likely that Shiva presides over it in some way.
Mur: Dead, yet alive? Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-25, Likely 2016-01-15
How at least some of Mur may live on yet. Secret plinths I love you. So the eighth dimension's energy trails are caused by frozen particles being moved, creating enough friction in the process to emit visible light, which, due to time apparently being stopped in some way, do not fade. Another secure plinth claims that Shiva came to Mur's side when he was dying. But when Mur was to pass on, the plinth concludes: "And he lived in that moment forever." It is possible that Mur slipped I to the eighth layer and lived in the moment before his death, hence the circle that ended 9 existed, or some other cause.
Mur's Rejection Theor
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-25, Confirmed 2016-01-15
An ostracized Mur...and the Liz who cared for him. Due to being multidimensional, Mur was feared and rejected, and Mur could not interact with the rest of humanity...except one person. Liz. Liz cared for Mur during this part of his life. When humanity finally gained the means to kill the world's first multidimensional man, Liz began to talk to him. This rendered him protected, and the secret plinth concludes: "The bullets never reached them."
The Exit at The Knot Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-25, Debunked 2016-01-15
How a special place may be the way out. The knot. According to a secret sub 9 plinth, the place where all layers become one. This place holds significance because it was the only place where the rest of humanity could hope to kill Mur-and where Lis's conversation with Mur foiled their aspirations. But why would this place be mentioned unless it had some sort of significance? The game says it outright, you are one-dimensional, therefore you wish to return to your one plane from this many-planed world of the Submachine. It's all too likely that this knot location has some significance in The Exit.
Additional notes and sub-theorie
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-25, Doubtful 2016-01-15
Other things of miscellany that aren't too big a deal. Mur's karma arm and the loss of an arm explained: Plinths in Sub 9 indicate that Mur only had true control of his power when focused. When he first got his karma arm, he may have remained unfocused, letting his power go astray, so the arm he lost may have actually just been made into his karma arm-invisible to him due to its uncontrollable dimensional fluctuation. Mur's origin: Sub 9 plinths tell us outright: Mur came from the third dimension. Whether we should start treating the third button on the machine with respect is yet to be seen. However, the same plinth tells is that Mur mended the broken dimensions save one-the one of his origin, the third. Because he came from there, he did not hold the power to fix his home plane. He hated this, he called it a thorn in his heart. Is your journey part of an effort to fix the third dimension? I don't see why it would be, the adventure seems too deep. But at the same time, there's no reason why not. Let's leave amateur to giver he tell-all at 10. Secondary mission: Mur disappeared one day, likely his death day, or the day his multidimensionality split him off from our plane of existence. Your mission may entail finding the man-could you and he have been coworkers working on the Submachine?