Submachine 2: the Lighthouse

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Re: Submachine 2: the Lighthouse

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27 Oct 2019 12:11
Tonight I had a dream where Mateusz released updated version of Submachine 2: The Lighthouse.
It had new puzzles, new section - caves section (similar to 232 location), with sea water in some parts. But what made me mindblown is the new intro instead of old, voiced by mysterious woman, her voice made me chills, like it was horror storytelling.

When I finally met Head Archivist
Shadow fell from my vision
Now I know that behind the Enlightenment
Our world is powered with a Lie

In our strangest dreams
We never could possibly knew
What Company is capable of
What creations can be built

They are still there somewhere
Hidden behind the veil of lie
And now they will live ahead
With generations after us

(Immediately after I woke up, I rushed to write these words to my notebook. Though I could forget some words or misspell them)

In my dream I was sitting for almost hour, theorizing what was that. :mrgreen:
So, the meanderings and achievements of human cultures in submachine are all built on some intricately fabricated lies that people told themselves, passing them down their history line.
I certainly could, and eventually I will
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Re: Submachine 2: the Lighthouse

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Good old dream... Still remember it.

Actually, I had a lot of dreams about Lighthouse in last months. This is the most popular location in my dreams now!
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