Submachine 3: the Loop

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Re: Submachine 3: the Loop

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Apocryphactor wrote: Just checked to be sure; you have to pick up the compass in both games before you use the passage machine for the first time. So it's not unique to the HD version.
My mistake. The change in the HD version was the addition of 4 new notes around level 0, not the addition of the compass as an item. The post has been updated.
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Re: Submachine 3: the Loop

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Do you guys agree that the concept of this Submachine game is the most creative out of all of them? It's like:''Here we have the lighthouse, the concept of all the future games but how about removing everything from it and only use one room.'' It might not be the most pretties of them, or most interactive one but I still like the idea this game was build on, stripping away a lot of things you are familiar with but also have a parallel with what you do know. Wouldn't that be nice?
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