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Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 24 Nov 2016 09:33
by Ko9
South Park.

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 27 Dec 2018 03:54
by Jatsko
Hey, a little bit of trivia for you, this thread was also made that serves pretty much the same basic purpose as this one, and no one noticed for four years:

I suggest merging, but no one likes that idea. And I'm posting here because this thread was made first.

Anyway, I made a vid about Submachine Universe Flash, like I sorta promised to do a year ago-ish! Finally happened. I touch on

1) what made SubVerse special for me, including the temporal nature of discovering new and updated locations
2) what I like and don't like about the prospects of SubVerse for Steam

Watch here:

Also, to be more specific, I played through the game recently and want to make a suggestion list for going forward to the Steam version.

- the current coordinate input system should go, I think. It's nice and we've all had fun with the numbers, but the likelihood of skipping over and having that constant frustration of cycling back through is always going to be nagging. I suggest adding an up-down system to make it easier to navigate.

Alternately, you could switch it up completely differently and make a toggled overlay with a branched map like what momruoy developed and I capitulated on, and instead of the game being based on finding numbers, it's more based on how to unlock each connection to the next portal via some other means. (besides, no one can figure out what the coordinates are based off of anyway - I think it's awfully contrived)

If the above suggestions don't wipe these out, I'm assuming it's natural to alter the following clues:

1) 917's clue based off of Smartguy's name is weaving together canon and noncanon material, which is probably a no-no

2) 757's clue to 185 over the door might unintentionally lead some people to think that 185 is behind that door, opening up more questions about proximity of locations to each other that will probably get nowhere

3) 642's "C" clue is likely to get people hung up until they discover other clues with Roman numerals (and even then, 'C' by itself might not suggest a Roman numeral connection right away)

4) 747's clues hidden in the sign map make no sense at all, why are they hidden "in the arrows"?

5) the clues to 438 reading "First/second/third of three" always read as really cheap to me, plus with this combo and clues like the brown and blue plates with green lights, etc. once you have two numbers you just have to cycle through 9 digits for the third and potentially break the game path a little bit (same for 076 now that I think about it)

6) 011's clue to 128 is badly placed because it's hidden in a light panel in one room, whereas the other rooms can be moused over with no indication of any clues, so you have no hints that there's a clue in that one arbitrary panel


some more things:

- 232: If Kent Falls is not comparable to any real world location (including Connecticut or the UK) as stated in the Subnet q and a, then why is there a sign of the Connecticut version? I think it should be removed, unless it's supposed to be adapted to an in-universe state park and not supposed to be a clue to the actual Connecticut location

Really this can be extended to any IRL picture in this game. How do we know what to take as connecting to a place like in our world, and what has merely been adapted for in-game use with no IRL correspondence? Do we have a rule for this?

- 728: sorta sad that I can't read the descriptions here, even if they say something else other that author's notes

- 461 is too big, which I think has been previously discussed

- 523/AQA's usage of the wisdom gem in the machine wasn't very clear (at least to me); I had to be reminded of the original fanart photo to figure out a gem went there. But then again, what will happen to fanart-based rooms in general...

- 043/IXT - why can't we go up on the left side? We could in 32 Chambers and there's no visual indication of blockage or anything

- 966/WIQ - frustrating that you can't put a wisdom gem in the energy receiver in the attic; I think this also applies to 859

A lot of these are nitpicky, but they are my thoughts. I think the video is more important though.

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 17:15
by Jatsko
A recent edit on the Submachine Wiki references another potential unintentional clue, which someone somewhere has definitely pointed out before:

In 218/Church, the symbols on the back walls (circle, rectangle, triangle) could be interpreted as a clue to 043, akin to the shape symbols that appear in 770.


As it stands now, this interrupts the intended flow of discovering locations by having the player explore 043 much earlier than expected. There are no text indicators that these shapes should be used to form a clue, but nonetheless people are asking questions.

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 19:40
by Vortex
Nice find. It's unlikely that it was intentional, especially since the rightmost screen was added relatively recently, but maybe Mateusz will want to change it when he makes the Steam version (or better still, make new shapes that clue to a new room).

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 02 Mar 2020 21:55
by Sublevel 109
I remember that. :D
Yeah, I think it's coincidence.

Though, after 462 and 551 was introduced, contained double clue, plus that coordinates in some notes, I thought maybe there's indeed double clue somewhere.

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 04 Mar 2020 18:31
One thing I was wondering: Since the clue to 317 in 011 may not be in the Steam version since it's on an artwork not made by Mateusz, it is likely it may return back to 553.

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 05 Mar 2020 16:35
by Vortex
That's true. It applies to some other rooms too.

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 05 Mar 2020 21:32
by Ko9
I think in a couple of years we have to go on a crusade to try and get the most people to give permission of their stuff being used in the game but I'd doubt that the game will be intact like it currently is. What I do hope is that it is going to be rethought in gameplace sense. The current version of SU is 80% exploring and then 20% Skutnik revisiting it in 2017 and trying to make it a game. Either this game should be 100% just exploring without any exit or 100% classic P&C.

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 14:03
by Jatsko
Someone edited the SubVerse walkthrough to include the 043 "clue" in 218. Not sure if it's the same person who pointed it out a few days ago (who I did respond to, for the record). It may be the same person who didn't log in, or it may be someone else entirely.

As far as SubVerse goes, I think it's a given that it's going to be pretty different than what we know it as now, yeah. Regarding fan content, I think the opposite will happen; he's said that he wants to remove all fan content and make it completely free of all that stuff so it can be his own game. Then he can sell it and whatnot, which makes a whole lot more sense than pulling teeth to get permission from people to include stuff in the game that's would make it less and less "his thing". You know how he likes complete creative control over his projects.

Re: List of posible SubVerse updates.

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 18:58
THB and 438 surely will look totally different.