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Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 04 Dec 2012 19:07
by Into The Void
I thought I might as well re-create this discussion topic for the new forum, plus there is a new *sic* episode.

Lets hope it goes for the best yes? Other than that, lets just talk about the series in its entirety here!

Re: Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 04 Dec 2012 19:59
by Rooster5man
I've been listening to Rock covers of the theme on YouTube :D

On the previous Forum, I didn't want to bump the topic, but since we're here...*Whovian* :P

I wasn't exactly happy with the way things with Rory and Amy ended, but meh. What about you?

Re: Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 00:21
by Into The Void
I could have taken it or left it. Though if I was pissed about anything it was the sudden change in endings. It felt too sudden and out of nowhere. Out of all the near-death of the whole series so far and this episode trying VERY hard to push the NOT_DEATH thing that when it finally did happen I honestly thought it was just a fake out like before. Its like the story of the boy who cried wolf, when you cry death so much but fake us out its very hard to make the final death seem real. A really bad move for Moff to do with this series.

Plus the whole thing is very inconsistent, between The Doctor saying "screw all the rules" to "obeying all of the rules" its quite annoying. I do not blame Matt Smith for this as he is doing his best and it does show, if anyone is to blame its the writers that seem to not know what they want to do anymore. Its becoming RTD bad.

Worst of all they are introducing a primary character during a Christmas episode. The Christmas episodes have never been all that amazing and I will not be afraid to say that since Moff has been taking direction in the head of the writing staff these specials have actually gotten worse in terms of story. The only good thing about them was that they could have been considered to be non-canon and forgotten, but now this will not be the case for this year's special. Moff better know what he is doing this year, or this new Companion will have a terrible start.

Re: Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 00:32
by arkla
yeah, i gotta say, the last few epsiodes sorta pissed me off, with the complete destruction of the dalek's backstory, and the whole angel episode, it was just awkward to sit through

although, it's nice to see the angels time shuttle actually being used, it sorta bugged me from when it was first mentioned that they just sent you back in time
i was wondering how that would at all inconvenience a time lord

Re: Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 01:00
by Rooster5man
@Void: What's RTD?

But I completely agree with you - First they have Oswin as a how they had Amy and Martha shown in previous episodes before their arrival as Companions, but now Amy and Rory's tension and the divorce because she can't have kids anymore? Seriously, how did that even become a thought?

I actually wasn't very fond of the Western-Cyborg thing or the "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" either, but I saved all my complaining because at least it's something...A show like DW should stay on the airwaves, it just needs a better plot, it's like "We can't compete with what we did in 6, let's give up."

I really hope this Christmas special is good...and that they put good thought into who the next Doctor is.

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Posted: 05 Dec 2012 02:00
by arkla
Rooster5man wrote:@Void: What's RTD?
Russel T. Davies

dinos on a spaceship was amusing
not sure about cleopatra, or the other guys
would like the have seen that victorian ninja lizard lady again

Re: Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 03:16
by Rooster5man
About Davies: Ah! I see...Never seen his name abbreviated like that :P

It was amusing to an extent, I guess - Arthur Weasley being Rory's dad wasn't totally bad :P Still, after something like that Series Premiere, you'd have to follow with a better premise...It's like they said, "Well, Christmas is 4 episodes away, let's just add some random plots and a terrible finish for Amy and Rory."

Re: Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 07:43
by Into The Void
Season opener was fun, but was wasted potential. I was genuinely excited when I heard there would be old daleks including the SWD in the episode. In the end they were either shown for a second or were non interactive. Only the newer ones were interactive, and that annoyed me. Also that ending pissed me off for a very well known reason as to everyone else who enjoys the daleks. Finally introducing the would be next companion within the same season but played as another character? A primary character no less?! Bad move Moff, very bad move.

Dinos on a spaceship was trash. Fun, but trash. The only true thing going for it was Rory's father and that was it. Everything else just seemed forced, but everything having to do with Rory's father whether it being his interactions or just his amazement with everything really made it enjoyable.

The Western episode was simply forgettable. That said one of my friends loved it because he is into western crap. More power to him.

The Power of Three had SO MUCH F#CKING POTENTIAL. But they went nowhere with it. It could have been amazing, but the end just was far too rushed and did not make any sense because of it. Could have been a two-parter, SHOULD have been a two-parter.

I already voiced my complaints with the last episode.

Season 5 had great potential but at the same time tried to re-invent the series. Some things worked well while other stood out of place like a sore thumb. The whole fairy tail aspect seemed too off putting, and while Moff originally said he would not do a constant companion for his series he not only lied, but shoved Amy's importance down our throat so much we could not ignore it. It left a bad taste in my mouth like many others because she was a horrible companion and an even worse person. If it was not for Rory she would have not a single redeeming quality existing in the series at all. Her importance was hammered in harder into the series than Rose was, and that is saying something. Plus some episodes (Victory to the Daleks being a prime example) were so bad they would make even RTD himself blush.

Season 6 was better but some of the episodes could have been cut in order to save the budget for the finale. The Finale was far too rushed and should have been a two-parter (if not more) but was condensed into one very rushed finale. If they would have cut out one of the following episodes ( Curse of the Black Spot, Night Terrors, or Closing Time) they would have been able to apply that space for a better paced, fuller finale than the one we had, not to mention an all around better well rounded season.

I hate going on a rant here, but there are some very worrying issues with the series and I do not want people thinking that its Matt Smith's fault for it being as bad as it is. It all reminds me of Colin Baker's era as The Doctor and everyone blamed him for his era being so bad despite that it was the writers and he was simply trying his best in a bad time for writing. Not only that but Moff was given such high praise during RTD's tenure as head writer that when Moff finally took the helm everyone thought he would be infinitely a better head writer than RTD. In the end they are really no different from each other. I just wish others would see the same.

Re: Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 13:27
by gil2455526
Tuned into a fan recently, but I can't speak anything on the newest season, because they didn't aired here yet.

Re: Doctor Who Discussion

Posted: 05 Dec 2012 22:18
by Rooster5man
Her importance was hammered in harder into the series than Rose was, and that is saying something.
And there's the irony - Rose was infinitely more important and a better character than Amy, not saying that Gillan was a terrible actress, it's just the character was meh.

Also, about cutting episodes: I actually liked Night Terrors, but Closing Time was forgettable (more of like a "Buddy Comedy" episode with the Doctor and Craig than anything - which was probably Moffat's purpose, but that's besides the point, being it's not a good fit for one of the final episodes.)

Other than that, I completely see where you're coming from and agree with you - Six was a hell of a lot better than Five, at least by a longshot, but ended rushed/terrible.

@Gil: Where do you live that they haven't been shown yet?