The Philosopher's theories

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The Philosopher's theories

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Parallel Universe Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2010-11-18, Still alive 2011-03-27, Debunked 2016-01-15
Some people believe in parallel universes like in a Doctor Who plot were they visited one where there there was a president of Great Britain. They are other universes which are only slightly different to ours. The universe I'll talk about is more technologically advanced than ours. In the year of 1904 in their universe their Americans built the root in a secret location as a research facility for teleportion. The UK government built their own facilitates in another secret location known as Kent after their lead scientist ,Murtaugh, a former lighthouse keeper suggested using his own lighthouse as the base of operations. In doing this he saved his lighthouse from being buried by the local council. The project was successful at first after they manged to teleport below to the ruins below the lighthouse.

It all changed when using the power of light and wisdom gems they teleported to a different ,but actually the same, lighthouse in our world. The first difference they noticed was that the building was buried because there was no reason for it being saved because we weren't using it in our universe because teleportation hadn't been invented yet for us. They discovered that teleporting two meters was just as easy as teleporting two thousand miles because distance didn't matter making it easy for them to teleport in between worlds. So they did.

They also discovered an empty void in between all the universes and they started building locations inside the void and the part of the void in between our world and their world became so crowed with teleporters and submachines that they named this area the subnet centered around the core which was the fist location that they teleported to.

Mur's communication room is located in their world and so is the listeners room. The shortwave number radio stations is used as a means of communication between the worlds and the subnet .

Liz is Mur's counterpart in this world and she got involved when they met and found out that they had a lot in common. Thinking that she may develop karma abilities like him he took her under his wing but they fell out after an argument.

The lab was in this world but it was built by the scientists from the other.

Around ten to fifteen years ago the A.I. controlling the subnet malfunctioned and started expanding outwards and threatened to break down the barriers between our two worlds.

And when that happens...

We're going to wish that it hadn't.
Ancient Civilization Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2010-11-18, Still alive 2011-03-27, Debunked 2016-01-15
An ancient and advanced civilization ,say the Sumerians or the Jericho , developed a teleportion system and used it spread across the globe. I believe that the middle of Stonehenge was a site for one of these teleporters.Then the whole system and all their futuristic technology was controlled by an advanced supercomputer. Then there was a freak accident of some sort and the A.I. pulled all the technology into a void which was later called the SubNet. The scattered people ended up developing unique cultures that were really just pieces of the one original civilization. This is why the temple in sub 0 has got art from Greeks,Egyptians and the Chinese.
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