Voxproximity's theories

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Voxproximity's theories

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The D.S. as a passive-aggressive entity
Theory history: Submitted 2010-06-15, Still alive 2011-01-07, Likely 2011-03-27
Since being forsaken, the subnet has ceased (assuming that it is, in an abstract manner, conscious or sentient) to view people as intelligent, calculating and stimuli-processing creatures and has, consequentially, adopted a distorted view of all of our civilization as a particularly pesky specimen of a hash-line error or virus, effectively descending into a paranoid denial state. Instead of openly and perseveringly exterminating humans, it visualizes them as systematic malfunctions and irregularities and counteracts their presence via isolatory means (the loop being by far the most successful and lethal example of this).
The Importance of the Number 32
Theory history: Submitted 2010-12-18, Likely 2011-01-07, Confirmed 2016-01-15
This two digit numerical value features prominently in numerous notes recovered during the progress of the series and therefore leads me to postulate the concept that it is either paramount to the full depth and intricacy of the plot or simply of the greatest significance to Mateusz Skutnik.

Sub 2: Mur informs the player that he shall be evacuating himself from the Lighthouse in 32 days.

Sub 4: Mur is credited with (in a private account by one of the researchers) exploring a third of the Subnet in 32 years.

Sub 4: The famous, yet distressing, Water Note and its reference to 32 chambers filled with sand.

Sub 32 Chambers: Need I say more?

Submachine Universe: (32 x 32) - 32 = 992 32 x 4 = 128 32 x Pi = 100.53096491487338363080458826494 (Could be a clue for location 100.

I suspect that I might be becoming paranoid.
Mur's Temporary HQ
Theory history: Submitted 2010-12-20, Still alive 2011-01-07, Likely 2011-04-21, Still alive 2016-01-15
An incongruity in Mur's remaining notes indicates the conclusion that Mur, after establishing the Lighthouse portal, returned to this location at the very least once to survey his numerous search parties, influence the player or simply conceal himself from his determined, ruthlessly enraged but also petrified and deliberating counterparts.

I have come to this conclusion particularly since he had undoubtedly printed out a memo on the 12.12.06 in location 355 (found in SNEE) which sees him going off on a partial exploratory journey to the Sanctuary. Yet in Sub2(Lighthouse), one encounters a similar communication, dated 12.13.06, wherein Mur is intrigued, if not gravely concerned, about the disappearance of his cat, Einstein. One must immediately surmise one of the following:

- Mur returned to the lighthouse only once, and could not precisely judge Einstein's position.
- The above, yet this option permits multiple Lighthouse visitations.
- Time in the Subnet is warped and contorted to such an extensive degree that Mur goes backwards in time by one day, while events progress forwards by approximately several years.
- Mur's insane (or he suffers from amnesia) and cannot concisely comprehend the calendar.
- Enstein was with Mur at the coordinates 355 and Mur's notes have karma abilities. :D
- Location 355 is in the Lighthouse and he simply directed one of his crews to investigate further (Mur would have still had to leave the Lighthouse some time in the past for the purpose of coming face to face with them).
A Proposition Concerning the Mechanical Hand
Theory history: Submitted 2010-12-20, Likely 2011-01-07, Confirmed 2011-04-21
The following hypothesis simply states the goal the mechanical hand (Sub 2 and SNEE) is intended to accomplish in that it is Mur's prosthesis powered by his karma abilities (The fact that we witnessed it for the first time on his bedside table seems telling enough. Also, how are you expected to wield a shovel (The Digouts) with one arm? It can be done, but will cost the personality in question reams of energy and bales of man hours.).
Your Opinions
Please, do PM me with any suggestions and/or amendments. Perhaps the D.S. is completely irrelevant? Could it be that the number 32 is just a sporadic coincidence? And what if Mur uses a different calendar and doesn't really mind having one arm? What if that's not even a date at all? Negative feedback is always welcome
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