M-A-T v1.0 [archived, please lock]

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M-A-T v1.0 [archived, please lock]

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Note: Please discuss this thread on the forum dev issues thread; ideally this will have zero reply posts and will be locked.

This thread contains an archive link to the original thread called "[M-A-T] Subnet location for contacting the Architect", Mateusz's most direct form of communication with his fanbase from December 2014 to July 2017.

http://web.archive.org/web/201707091850 ... &start=950


This post will be updated accordingly. Part of my forum reorganization plan, as it currently stands, calls for this standalone post to be made. I also think it would be nice to combine several older threads into a new thread called "M-A-T v0.5", as they altogether function the same as the thread linked above. There are more threads that I would like to combine into a new thread called "M-A-T v1.5" as well, which bridges the gap between the end of 1.0 and the start of the currently active 2.0 thread.

Ideally, all of these would be pinned or otherwise put in a very prominent place on the forum, because to me it makes sense to put a light on all of Mateusz's most direct comms and information for people to see. However, there are a lot of pinned threads already (some of which probably need condensing themselves), so I'm open to discussing ways - provided we approve of this idea - to condense all the M-A-T threads as needed.