The PLANer's theories

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The PLANer's theories

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Phantom Energy Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2012-10-19, Likely 2014-04-06, Still alive 2016-01-15
When you use an electronic device that's plugged into a wall you are using energy. When you are not using that device, phantom energy flows through it. For example: You turn off a lamp. When it was on, it was using energy. when it's off it isn't using power but it still has to go through the device in order to continue it's path. It wastes power in a tiny fractional way. That's phantom energy and it is not science fiction.

However, I will propose that it does not stop there. When it's on, the lamp basically traps the power to use it. when it's off it flows free, eventually enveloping the entire room it's in and sinks into every crack and detail of the room. Then something weird happens. Most commonly, it's a lighting strike. If the lightning rod does it's job, the electricity would race along the electrical lines inside the house. Once it gets to a room full of phantom energy, it captures it and continues. Then it travels through the ground and arrives at what I like to call inner space: the opposite of outer space. In other words, a void deep below the surface of earth.

Once it arrives, the energy somehow transforms itself into the physical form of the room it copied. Over the years, this has happened many times, creating a network of chambers of various different kinds. Now you're probably asking yourselves "How does this explain the alien ship looking rooms that we've seen?" Well my friends, if you do a little research you'll see that in Siberia's Death Valley there are mysterious looking cauldrons that have been sitting there for thousands of years shooting down meteorites. Many people believe that they've been left here by aliens and there are structures beneath the cauldrons. Perhaps a few of their robots escaped their prison and started exploring the network becoming Sub-bots.

The non physical phantom energy stayed in the chambers though and eventually couldn't contain the pressure. the energy bursts out of the walls, becoming Karma energy and linking many areas of the network. One man was exposed to prolonged exposure of phantom energy in a lighthouse where it happened frequently, making him able to manipulate it himself. Murtaugh! Not to mention Einstein the cat who got the power from an unknown source.

Every now and then the energy "prints" more than one copy of a room, which explains why we haven't seen anyone. Other times it may never stop copying, creating what we call the Loop. Sometimes it is only the devices that are connected to the network. For example, we got there by an arcade game console. Others would have gotten there in similar ways. The Sub-bots, dedicated to service, obviously made it a lot more improved and accessible (to most lifeforms) with their outlandish technology. Unfortunately if there is a way out, they haven't constructed one that we know of. We may just have to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.
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