The Void's theories

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The Void's theories

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Submachine Manipulates Time Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2014-11-30, Doubtful 2016-01-15
Flash location: 551
Recorded by Research team Klearo. Sect._4

Dear Professor,

We have recently made an astonishing discovery. As evidence shows, The submachine is made in a way so that it can be navigated by a three-axis portal of which is believed to be created for sub-bots. The elements are all here for traveling throughout the subnet in any direction, however, we are missing a key factor in the equation: TIME.

Although we do not have conclusive evidence yet, it is our belief that the submachine may be able to manipulate time. As we now, the submachine is able to expand at an astonishing rate. This expansion, is like anything we can see possible by a machine. (Granted, the submachine is no ordinary machine,) We think one answer to this unexplainable rate of growth, is that the submachine itself, can affect time. If It can slow down time, it will then have the ability to repair itself, build on to itself, and expand faster than would appear to a human.

So it can grow, big deal. The real factor about this is that if it has this much time, it can easily build up its defenses. Although this data is unconfirmed, Be ready. Leave notes. Prepare yourself for everything. We are currently testing our theories at the root, as it seems to be the least affected by time manipulation, Being that it continues to deteriorate at a normal rate.

Documented by The Co-Head of research team Klearo

the Void

[END of transmission]
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