Wierdotron5000's theories

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Wierdotron5000's theories

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Lower Universal Containment Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2013-04-04, Doubtful 2014-04-06, Debunked 2016-01-15

The first thing you must understand is the subnet. It is not another dimension. Our world is like a nesting doll. The world we know is the origional. We created (or somebody did) a world in which we can travel to. This, if you will, Is the next nesting doll. Now imagine your nesting doll. It's not a person shape, but round, like a large wooden ball. The doll inside it is the same. All dolls are identical. Then why could we not reach the second world until now? This is because one doll cannot break itself. It requires another power to reach the second doll. So, we "drilled a hole." the hole (the Submachine) could connect with the other doll. Each would not harm the doll. Once inside the second world, you could travel around iside it, and eventually exit through another Submachine. The next nesting doll is represented by the clipher plates. Now, we know that Mur created loops that could jump from place to place. This would be a tunnel running virtually under the second doll, but over the third, creating a space that could be used to move more quickly. But it does weaken the second world, and at times can even break it.


So enough with the dolls. The Subnet is not as most think either. How can you read this? The Internet. A very restricted world within our own. There is not one Submachine. Not two. Every time you travel within the subnet, you travel from machine to machine. This is achieved using a cirtain form of teleportation.



the experiment is testable in real life.

It is represented by a 3 letter acronym.

It was discovered and first experimented with by three late real-life scientists, one of which is very well known


So the subnet is a web of connected machines. So what is the core? Many suggest it is the power source of the Submachines. Well, we'll to get to that later. The core is the main server. All information is sent there Before reaching anything else. If the core, or someone at the core, rejects a request or deems it illigal, it is sent to the loop.


The wisdom gems are this: when a Submachine is sent power by anything in the subnet, it creates a paradox in the laws of thermodynamics and creates twice as more power than originally given. These were eventually found and created into a common "battery", or the wisdom gems. There are more than 4.


Ever since you got trapped in the lighthouse, all you want to do is get out. It soon became apparent that you could not leave, any way other than the Submachine. Once you were in, someone sent your request to the loop. Not. Cool. Whoever did this is the real enemy, even if Mur helped you excape.from there, your plans have been the same- search, find , and excape the endless tormented world-inside-a-world that is

Omni-Dimensional Distortion Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2013-04-04, Still alive 2014-04-06, Debunked 2016-01-15
Many ask the question- Where is the world of the submachines? Well , the answer is simple. It's right here.

The Submachine was origionally created to maintain safe teleportation and instant communication from place to place. At first, no side effects were found. Experimentation continued. Eventually, by instananeously overflowing a modified copper sphere with nearly limitless energy, a dimensional teleportation was accomplished.

The submachine could teleport from place to place, taking the user along with it. But the user was not the only one to travel. All items surrounding the machine are transported along with the user(s).

This became a problem. The submachines began to transport, piece by piece, one world into another.

But that was just the beginning. After the boundary of the Submachine expanded past this universe (yes, I know you cannot travel to other universes in the game), the sumachine began to slowly mix the laws of gravity and thermodynamics between the two.

(in other universes, laws of gravity may be stronger or weaker than ours, and the laws of thermodynamics may allow for such a thing as wisdom gems)

This began to ruin our world, and the edge of the subnet was shrunken considerably. This allowed for rooms like that of the Escher room in SNEE.

Mur had the solution. He had recently discovered how to manipulate a direct transporter that worked without the subnet (karma portal). Basically a tactical wormhole. And anyone who knows anything about wormholes can tell you that they have a strong gravitational field. This basically means he was doing more harm to an already twisted world.

Those who survived used the subnet to attempt to find a way out, so far, in vain.
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