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Xzocka's theories

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Red Brick Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2011-10-09, Still alive 2014-04-06, Likely 2016-01-15
As many people may have noticed, many locations scattered across the net have red bricks somewhere in or near them. These places consist of, but are not limited to:

-Winter palace tree trunk section -The church -The end ruins

and the photographer's quarters. Now, we already know that the root and the lighthouse are pretty much the same structure, but I don't think we have all the cipher plates, so the root could be larger than what we have explored. Being that the bricks are scattered everywhere can suggest multiple possibilities:

1. Not only is the root the first man made submachine, it was built to interconnect many other locations, making it a massive complex built to be a center of operations for the people working there to explore the entire net.

2. What we've explored of the net is much smaller and more compact than we originally thought, being that they could all be around the same location.

What we can see, is that the red bricks in the south garden suggests that the lighthouse/root and the winter palace were connected at one time, making the drift of submachine locations away from each other more drastic than we initially realized.
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