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Zombieshooter's theories

Posted: 05 Jan 2019 08:49
by Jatsko
Edge as lock to subnet outerside theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-09-09
Still alive 2009-09-19, Doubtful 2010-01-16, Debunked 2011-04-02
The edge is a kind of giant lock, obstructing your exit to the outerside of the subnet, with bells, loops, tiles, URD, runes devices and another stuff from submachine. It's auto-reformable while the core(read Subnet Core Theory) is working. To escape from the subnet, you should desactivate the core, desactivating the edge reform system, but destroying the teleport comunication, and then you should solve the edge puzzle and you'll be able to escape from the subnet.
Subnet Core theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-09-09, Still alive 2009-09-19, Debunked 2011-04-02
The Subnet works! Thanks to a complex energy source and databank, the CORE. The Core have an incredible AI, since he created the submachines, the edge, the sub-bots and everything else in the subnet, and those stuffs looks like made by human, but with a better technology, so the Core is more intelligent than humans! It's like a big computer. And the numbers you put in lab's portal are coordinates, but are like internet "links" too. When you turn on the portal, it calculates the coordinates of the location and send the answer to the portal, opening a attach to the location. The source of Core's energy is a very, very huge wisdom gem (or a lot of normal gems).
Karma is Wisdom Gems Energy theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-09-09, Likely 2009-09-19, Still alive 2014-04-06, Likely 2016-01-15
Everyone knows that the gems are energy sources, but what's the gems energy? The same energy Mur uses to make portals, the Karma. The karma, present in everyone, but only some who knows how to use, is extracted from people in subachine and inserted in normal diamonds or whatever is it. This process destroy all memories from people (there's the explanation of why people in submachine forget everything). This energy, used in teleports, movers and other things, is the source of all the subnet energy.