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Zombyrus's theories

Posted: 05 Jan 2019 08:52
by Jatsko
Meaningless Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2009-04-02, Doubtful 2009-06-08, Debunked 2014-04-06
Flash location: 672
Zombyrus's main theory is that the submachine has no meaning. The submachine net is interesting but has no importance whatsoever, a bit like the ocean floor (we haven't explored most of it, but it really doesn't matter whether we do or not; it's just floor). There is certainly a lot to learn from/about the submachine, but it doesn't make a difference whether we ever find out. It is a big interesting place, but it doesn't regulate the universe and it wasn't intended to destroy it or anything--it simply is.
Semi-Artificial Subnet Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2010-06-10, Likely 2011-04-02, Still alive 2014-04-06, Debunked 2014-04-06
Zombyrus's second theory is that the humans didn't really create the Submachine, they simply found a way into it. Parts of the Subnet were likely man-made, but the vast majority was already there when humans reached the Submachine.

The non-artificial parts of the Submachine have likely existed much longer than we know, although their actual ages and such are likely undeterminable, since the Subnet is (or at least I always thought it is) constantly growing.

The Submachine was likely created by either some extradimensional force or entity, or some unknown intelligence beyond humanity.