Rever Man's theories

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Rever Man's theories

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Cipher Plate Theory
Theory history: Submitted 2015-08-11, Confirmed 2016-01-15
In SNEE, 553, there is a room that can contain 6 cipher plates. In other area in SNEE, we see cipher plate terminal. So those terminal were originally meant to transport the player, far before portal technology existed.
Layer 5 isn't layer 5?
Theory history: Submitted 2015-08-13, Doubtful 2016-01-15
I thought of that.

The temple is located in the fifth layer;
As said in Sub 8 secrets, Layer 5 is different;
I think that layer 5 is actually the first layer, so layer 1! It would be kinda logic since you teleported from layer 5 in Sub 7, plus if we can see a location from all layer, the unchanged one is the original.
We killed a mouse
Theory history: Submitted 2015-08-19, Doubtful 2016-01-15
In Submachine 4, when you open the gate with the acidic thing, blood come out of the plate. My explanation is that the blood belonged to a mouse who lived behind the plate. Simple
Wisdom gems devolution theory
Theory history: Submitted 2017-10-05
According to Submachine 1's Gem:

1. The first stage of a wisdom gem's life is to glow a great blue (or green if we take in consideration the Submachine 0 one. However, it might only be a different kind). It floats above the ground and it's full of energy since we can lower the ladder in the lighthouse with it in Submachine 2 (it has been said that it's the same wisdom gem)

2. However, with time, the wisdom gem loses the energy that made it float. It is found laying on the ground in Submachine 5. It still contains a lot of energy because, with 3 of those Phase 2 Wisdom gems, we can power the mover. It stays in that phase a long time since its state doesn't change when we retrieve this Wisdom gem once more in Submachine 9.

3. The third Phase of a Wisdom gem's devolution is initiated when a Wisdom gem changes position after being in a place for a long time. From the time we put the Wisdom gem in Submachine 2 and the time we retrieve it back in submachine 5, (probably) months have passed. Being there for a long time creates an interlayer fissure, a void in Layer 8, the layer of light. Light then comes from Layer 8 to the Layer where the Wisdom gem originate. It creates a light sphere since it's not in a "solid" state. The Light is more in a gaseous state so it doesn't have a set shape. However, as seen in submachine 10, we can see that the sphere still has a lot of energy since it can fissure concrete.
Wisdom gems, more like Light Gems
Theory history: Submitted 2017-10-05
Wisdom Gems are probably Solid light, or at least, cases that contain light. There are theories about wisdom gems being karma, but I'm going to debunk them right away. Karma is not a strong source of energy. Yes, it can shatter material.. but only when concentrated with the karma arm. Raw or pure Karma is only a building material, like concrete or wood. Therefore it's not strong (strong as in power). But if there were light gems, it would work, because:

First, Wisdom Gems emit light, they are therefore a source of light or light itself. If it was a source of light, it would need power, and since wisdom gems are symmetrical (as seen in the computer of Submachine 5), there is no space for a power source. There might be an interior power source to power the light, but since "they are an energy source of some sort", it would have to be an extraordinarily strong battery to both power and emit light. If there was a battery that powerful in it, it's polarity (magnetic and electric fields are directly connected) would have discharged coils or shut down electric devices. If this was to happen, you would be stuck in Submachine 9, since the battery would have shut down the navigator (or at least, mixed the signals).

Second, wisdom gems contain an important amount of energy. In the 16 most common types of energy, 4 of them would be possible for the Wisdom gem: Electric, Magnetic, Nuclear, and Radiant. Since we can hold it in our inventory, nuclear is right away impossible. Since we can hold it, electric is unlikely, and it doesn't attract to nearby metal, therefore it must be radiant, which is light. Lastly, it is proven is Submachine 10 that Wisdom gems are directly connected to Light Sphere (see previous theory).
Dimensions = Layers? UNBELIEVABLE!!
Theory history: Submitted 2017-10-15
I think the instance of the word dimensions through the notes is a more "vulgar" or "common" way of saying layer.
“- But that's impossible! He can't be in different dimensions at the same time! - Impossible? What does that even mean?...”

— Impossible - Submachine 8
Starting with this secret note from Submachine 8, we know there is a strong correlation between dimensions and layers. We know that Murtaugh can be in all 7 layers, and he is one of the only one able of it (as we know, but it's not relevant to my reasoning), therefore it would makes people very suspicious and call this action "impossible". NEXT!
“- Doesn't he understand that his karma portals are shattering this dimension? - This dimension? You mean the third one? You know that's not even the original dimension, right? What do you think is more important - the origin or the flawed copy? ”

— Dimensions - Submachine 8
If we assume that layer are dimensions, "his karma portals are shattering this layer" would be something that works. There is not much about this note... NEXT!
“Liz: You can create dimensional portals while being inside such a portal? Murtaugh: Yes, I can. ”

— Transcript 17/38 - Submachine 8
Ah. Yes. This note can rise the interlayer karma portal theory since it's most definitely what is said in that note. As the notes appear, the link between layers and dimensions is starting to grow stronger. I cannot say this one works, since it's based on another theory... NEXT!
“That was because all of his arms from all of the layers met at one place and caused he interdimensional karma flow at his fingertips. ”

— Miracle - Submachine 9
Oh wait, nevermind, there is another note on that topic. Oopsie. So there is even more evidence toward bounds between layers and dimensions [WIP]
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