10 Gnomes in Oristano

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10 Gnomes in Oristano

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https://www.mateuszskutnik.com/archive/ ... -oristano/

Quote:''Let me just quickly get this one out of the way, as I’m speeding up development of the big game and I’m pretty sure that breaking that flow in July just to release 10 Gnomes would not be a good idea. So here it is, in May, you get the game earlier, I have this one in the books, everybody wins. This is the entrance to the well temple of Santa Cristina in Oristano province of Sardegna, Italy, visited by our family in summer of 2017and yes, you guessed it, it’s infested with gnomes.''
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Re: 10 Gnomes in Oristano

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Two games left though...
Time runs like hell.
It went beyond factory walls...
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Re: 10 Gnomes in Oristano

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My thoughts on the new feature:
Jatsko via Discord wrote:The new feature is cool. Potentially gives you an incentive to explore more, just to know that someone is keeping track of how many screens you hit.

Though, I didn't know that's what it was at first: I thought at first it was something like "number of clicks/least number of clicks needed to beat the game" and I was like "Jesus that's a pretty ambitious task to throw in there for some people to try to reach."

To which I automatically thought, yeah, there are people out there who would actually try to achieve that if you set it as a goal. And now that I've said something about it, people will certainly try to figure that out.

This location is also really cool. Probably one of the more memorable ones for me just due to its shape and structure.

Read more about it here: Well of Santa Cristina
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