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Welcome to Pastel Land Forum, the most random forum in the farthest reaches of the sub-net

This forum is an unofficial official forum for games and other content created by Mateusz Skutnik. The forum is currently ran and maintained by our loveable and dedicated administrator Ancient Crystal.

Those reading this topic who have yet to join, please do so! We are a very friendly and welcoming community. For information on essential topics to view, Click here!

If you wish to donate money to Mateusz Skutnik to help fund his games, comics and other content that he creates, we suggest you become a Patreon! You can find more information at this link

Forum sections
general discussion: For off topic chatter and as well as on topic. Anything that does not relate to any of the games or comics from Mateusz.

theories and suggestions: For theories and discussion regarding Mateusz's games and other content.

other games: Containing Mateusz's other games that he has created that do not belong in the above mentioned forums.

Daymare Town: Discussion pertaining to the Daymare Town series.

the Submachines: Discussion pertaining to the Submachine series.
Q: Can I have a room added into Submachine Universe
A: Rooms added into SU are the sole discretion of Mateusz Skutnik. Pestering him to add your room is not allowed. When he is ready to add rooms of community members he will announce such. Creating theories for the sole purpose to obtain a room in SU is also discouraged and frowned upon.

Q: I was insulted by someone/I see someone else getting insulted
A: Never intervene. Report posts that you feel break our rules by clicking on the ! symbol on the bottom right of the infringing post. Please note that abusing the report system is against the rules and may lead to warning and punishment.

Q: Can I change my username
A: Username changes are left to the discretion of administrators. If you wish to change your username you may send any of them a PM.

Q: I found a bug, exploit, something isn't working right
A: If something isn't working please report it in this thread, if you believe you have found an exploit, do not post it in the problems thread, immediately report it in PM to an administrator.

Q: I have another question that isn't listed here
A: Any other questions can be answered by our dedicated moderation team. Simply PM them and they will be glad to assist you in any way they can.
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